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    Default Looking for lessons in the NE of Melbourne

    Hi All,

    I'm looking to get weekly lessons, preferably somewhere where I can hit balls on a range as opposed to just into a net. I used to play off 10-12, 18 birdies has me off 14 at the moment, but my swing is pretty awful! I have recently moved to Launching Place so I have listed the courses nearest me below. Keen for a good communicator who can explain why they want me to do what they're telling me to do.

    Warburton 15
    Healesville 24
    Gardiners Run 32
    Yering Meadows 32
    Eastwood 32
    Maroondah Golf Park 32
    Eastern 33
    Dorset 34
    Heathmont 35
    Heritage 37
    (number is how many minutes drive from my home)

    Not sure if I'd need to be a member at any of these places to be eligible for lessons but any feedback would be appreciated.


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    I don't remember Healesville having a full length range, but you could check the overhead maps of all of the courses.

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    I'm pretty sure Warburton has a range (don't know if its range balls or your own). Plus hitting drives of the 18th tee is awesome.
    Don't recall Healsville having a range, but it does have 4? short course where I'd imagine you would be able hit shot under instruction.


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