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Thread: Howdy!

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    Default Howdy!

    G'day all,

    Young melbourne based hobby golfer here. Looking forward to sharing and improving my game.
    I have only played Bembridge on the Mornington Peninsula, and used the driving range at Centenary.

    I was just wondering where I could post about a set of clubs I've just purchased? Just for general advice etc?

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    Sep 03, 2012
    Still on the green


    G’day xudak,


    Try here

    Equip Me

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    Dec 06, 2006
    On a late summer run



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    Mar 02, 2008
    Sydney - Nth Beaches


    Howdy.. throw them in there !!

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    Apr 06, 2010
    Staring out the window.


    Welcome to the forum.
    Fighting the good fight!

    Golf is, in part, a game; but only in part. It is also in part a religion, a fever, a vice, a mirage, a frenzy, a fear, an abscess, a joy, a thrill, a pest, a disease, an uplift, a brooding, a melancholy, a dream of yesterday and a hope for tomorrow. - New York Tribune, 1916.

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    Welcome xudak, bembridge is a nice little course
    Driver- Slazenger Bruce Devlin 1 1/2
    Fwy Wood - PGF Kel Nagle
    Irons - 2-PW Keith Knox R700
    Wedges - Wilson Jerry Pate
    Putter - ​Bulls Eye Copy


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