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    Default Kooralbyn Under contract again

    A post from Peter who owns Kooralbyn says its under contract anyone know who the local buyer might be?

    A new start from today. The kooralbyn Valley is just under contract for $55m, still waiting the 10% deposit to be paid. If it could settle, I will immediately launch 2 more brands:
    1. Jade Properties:
    Our future development and investment brand Australia wide
    2. BESTT:
    Our global clothing brand, by establishing one of the largest clothing manufacturers in Australia to create a truely Australia owned, designed and partially Australia made upmarket brand
    Hopefully, the next 30 years of my life and the next 3000 years of my future generations life will create something ever lasting

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    $55M seems insane for that property, even considering its much more than a golf course.
    Criticism doesn't bother me, as it means I am doing something and people are watching.


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