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    Default WDYSTM - May 2021

    02/05/2021, McLeod GC, White Tees, Stableford.

    Stats: 5/13 fairways, 5/18 greens, 29 putts.
    Score: PXBBPbPXX BBPXPBPBP; 45:40:85 (+8:+6:+14); Stab 15:16:31pts.
    Played to 12.9. Golflink: 9.2 (-0.0). SCH: 8.2 (-0.0).

    03/05/2021, Ashgrove GC, Blue Tees, Stableford.

    Stats: 3/11 fairways, 3/18 greens, 29 putts.
    Score: BXPPPBPBP PBXPXPPPX; 38:42:80 (+5:+8:+13); Stab 16:15:31pts.
    Played to 13.0. Golflink: 9.2 (-0.0). SCH: 8.3 (+0.1).

    I'm doing a great job of mixing in decent golf with absolute shit at the moment. Shit being tops, chunks, or shanks, where you gain very little from the shot. If I didn't have a decent short game, I'd be in all sorts of trouble, although the putter went cold a couple of times over these rounds too.

    Next round: Nothing planned for this weekend, so I'll have to find something for myself for the weekend after.

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    Worked on the weekend, so snuck out for a hit in our Tuesday morning comp. Probably should've stayed home. 78/33pts with only 5 GIRs - wayward approach game is killing me. I'm getting off the tee well - had clear shots at GIRs on 16 of 18 holes. I know what I'm doing wrong (swing issue with shorter clubs), just need to work on fixing it. Chipping & putting is holding together pretty well (up & down 7 times).


    Made a mess of the last (double) after getting off the bogey train on the back 9.

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    Played MM on Saturday, first round in a while.Rusty as and just plotted my way round.Had a couple of wipes, putting speed to blame.
    Lost the medal by 1

    Then today teed it up for some stableford action, horrible conditions.Cold windy and plenty wet, was going to be testing.
    Putted really well, nothing crazy but made a couple of chip in birdies to help.Just did as Saturday and plotted around the course just staying out of trouble.3 par saving putts on the back 9 over 15 feet each was nice, and gave me a 36 point round.

    No golf for another 2 weeks due to other commitments

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    Round 1 Handicap Matchplay.
    Had to give 13 shots, won 6-9 to go 4 up at the turn and 2 over off the stick.
    Lost 3 holes on the back 9 with pars to be one up with 2 to play, but made a solid par on 17 to win 2 and 1.

    I had 34 points thru 17, my opponent 36 so a high quality match.


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    Still on the green


    3 points after 4 holes and finished with 32.

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    Pin high, in the lake


    77/72 in the Monthly Medal today. Won the NTP on 2.
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    34 points yesterday, was not a good ballstriking day but my short game kept the score ok.

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    Played in an Ambrose today at Oxley in my social club, so not a lot to report really. As a team we shot +3. I wasn't too bad off the tee, hit some nice iron shots and some crap ones, and was reasonable with the short game. Continued my recent improvement in putting as well. Pretty hard to gauge my game properly in that format though. Back to normal golf on Saturday in the Oxley comp.


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