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    Default Great drives on one hole and poor on the next.

    A mate of mine every so often will hit maybe four drives on one hole if playing by himself and there is no-one behind him. They will all be good drives. He will then pick them up and hit four drives from the next tee.
    They will be poor. Most of them will be hooks.
    I have watched him play.
    Everything is identical.
    Why does he go from a good driver to a hacker in ten minutes.
    Any thoughts guys.

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    Played yesterday.
    Old mate decided to change his visual focus on his drives to focusing on the 10 oclock
    point of the ball at address.
    Straight down the middle.
    Dont know if this will repeat but interesting at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benno_r View Post
    Play a lot of golf at home. Which is quite forgiving 1-2 fairways over.
    I never saw you two fairways over... but you were quite well known to all the local birds.
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