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Thread: 2021 Eclectic

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    Default 2021 Eclectic

    2021 Edition.

    Rules below:

    - For those unfamiliar, an eclectic score is your best gross score on each hole of your course over a given period of time.

    - This Eclectic runs from 1 January to 31 December.

    - Scores from any official club competition round (stroke, par, stableford) played during the dates above are permitted (no social rounds).

    - To enter, you need to record the following:
    - Course
    - Length/ Index/ Pars of each hole
    - Your gross scores for those holes
    - As you play rounds during the year and improve on those gross scores, you need to post your improvements.

    You can get a copy of my pre-formatted Google Sheets Eclectic here. All you need to do is change the Course Name and Length, Par & Index for each hole (Google account required).
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    We had an eclectic comp, possibly still do.

    In A grade, everyone finishes 18-20 under* and the highest handicap in that grade wins. Not sure I see the point.

    *no 200m plus Par 3s


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