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    Jul 23, 2005


    One of my better ball striking rounds that I can recall all bought undone with the putter.

    11/14 FW
    13 GIR
    35 putts including 5 x 3 putts.
    35 points.

    I hit the first 7 greens in reg and was 4 over through 7! 6 over by the turn then square with the card on the back including a 3 putt bogey on the last.

    The lounge room carpet is getting a work out already!

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    Sep 03, 2012
    Still on the green


    33 with a wipe. Got rained on. Whatever.

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    Apr 28, 2017
    Perth, WA


    funny enough, same score for me.
    After a few weeks of really bad golf, I took a break from any golf last week
    Went out yesterday and was actually hitting it pretty well. Constant rain was not so bad when we started.
    most of the shots were straight with a slight fade to them... Not swinging overly hard and getting good contacts. cleared my brain of all the swing thoughts thats been bugging my head and just worked on my feet alignment issues.

    Hit a respectable 41 on the first 9; but the 2nd 9 was a complete downpour on the 11th hole, ended up flooding the greens to the point that even putting it really hard it would only roll a meter or 2.
    Some greens were better drained than others, so ended up wiping 3 holes. Had 14 points for a total of 33 points. Finished the last 3 holes with a Birdie, par, par was a nice feeling for me.


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    Dec 14, 2004
    Ballina, NSW


    32 points for me, but it was a good 32.

    Quite a few good shots, 2 birdies, both from 4 feet, not many bad shots. But when I missed greens I always seemed to be in a hard spot, and couldn't make the recovery shots count.

    The rain started as we left the 18th green, so that was also a positive.
    nothing to see here


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    Jan 15, 2017


    Wagged work today and played with Olinda
    17/19 36 in windy conditions playing off 8.
    0 birdies again
    I have now played 2 rounds without a wipe
    First sub 80 round in a while as well

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    Mar 20, 2014
    long, long, long, in the boonda


    37 points 2 over at Beaudesert gc on Friday

    2 bogeys last 3 holes hurt a great ball striking round

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