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    Default Newbie from WA looking for advice...

    Hi All,

    Not sure if this is the correct forum for this post (mods please move if better elsewhere...).

    I'm looking to return to playing golf at the age of 37 y/o, following a long hiatus. To cut a long story short, I've had to give up my primary sports of soccer & running, due to injury, so looking for a new hobby! Growing up in Scotland I played a lot, from a very early age until about 14 y/o... but gave the game up due to competing interests. I've played on the odd-occasion since then... I can swing a club (but have little control!) and I am familiar with golf etiquette, but essentially I'd be starting again as a complete novice/beginner.

    Looking for suggestions on the best way to get back into the game...?

    I'm thinking about investing in a cheap set of clubs, second hand (any recommendations?), to get me started again. I'm also thinking about some lessons, so I can iron out any issues with my swing/grips, etc...

    I'm based in WA, I live quite centrally in Perth, but spend a lot of time SOR. Could anyone recommend a good instructor/club for lessons?

    Any other relevant advice most welcome...

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    Hopefully some WA members chip in with local advice, but some second hand sticks would be a good way to start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyP View Post
    Hopefully some WA members chip in with local advice, but some second hand sticks would be a good way to start.
    Cheers! Another quick question... when looking for a second hand set of clubs. Im pretty tall, 62, would a standard size set of clubs be okay to get started, or should I look for something a bit bigger?

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    WA based here... and pretty much went through the same as you a few years back.

    The only difference was I had my old clubs from junior time. Best thing i did at the beginning was to join a friendly social group that plays regularly during the weekend. Which made me go out there and play at friendly level. They usually play at the usual places like Wembley, Collier, Hillview, Whaleback. Once you get the hand of it, then join a club for more regular comp.
    Look out for membership promo specials too. Hartfield had a summer and winter special at $400 for 3 months full membership. Most clubs also have "lifestyle" membership based on point system for people who only plays once in awhile.

    For instructors, my local club pro Robert Nuttell at Hartfield has helped me a lot with my swing and putting but his timing is not suitable for me. (No after hours and only Saturday morning)
    The supervised training sessions at Wembley on Wednesday and Thursday night are usually really good and affordable for beginners. There are a few that runs the clinics so you can try a few of them and decide if you want to select any of them for a 1 on 1 lesson.
    Perth Golf Center is also pretty good. The Michael Kunman was pretty good and they have trackman there to measure your shots for instant feedback. They can also do fitting sessions to see what club measurements you need. I did my gapping session there to figure out my club distances.
    Scott McLean at gosnells used to run lessons at Melville Golf Center. His group clinic was very good for beginners then. But he is now the head pro at Gosnells so not sure of his availability.

    For the 2nd clubs question, ive been lucky as I'm a standard length person so getting normal clubs is easy. You can either go to a club fitting day when available or Perth Golf Center for a fitting day to get your specs? Golfbox at Myaree is also a good place for trying different clubs.
    I usually find my clubs on Gumtree or Perth facebook groups. Keep and eye on "Kyle" on Gumtree as he is located at Bentley area and usually have some nice clubs. But he usually advertised at high prices and can be bargained down.
    And of course, here in Ozgolf, there are plenty of 2nd hand clubs you can find among the members.... postage from eastern states to perth is roughly $40 for club postage as a reference.

    There are a few WA players here so any questions we be happy to help.

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    This was the social group I was previously with. Nick is a very nice guy and the rest of the group was very friendly.

    Social Golf Group,

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    Thanks for that mate! Some awesome info!


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