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    Default New member from Perth

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Matt and I am a new member of ozgolf.
    I was put onto it from another member Darren Watt.
    It turns out we both go weak at the knees for beautiful looking blades.
    Only back into golf for the last 6 months but Iím more addicted then ever.
    Looking to re create an old bag of Tiger Woods irons (Nike VR pro blades) but that will hopefully come in time.
    Thanks for having me onboard.


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    Welcome to the Nut House Matt.
    Not many like to embrace Blades these days. Marketing has most drinking the GI Kool Aid.

    Check this thread out for some sweet Blades. I've got a few from my collection posted in there.
    Hit Them Well or Hit Them Often


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    Welcome Matt.

    I know Megawatty quite well, good guy.

    Iíve got a couple of sets of blades in my hideout.

    Where do you play in WA?

    These were posted on GT today.

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    I love the look of blades, that doesnít mean Iím any good at hitting them Iíve got my first set on the way so youíve gotta start somewhere. Those cobras look awesome

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    Also Johhny,

    I play all over Perth, not a member anywhere, just try to get around and enjoy all the public courses and have fun with mates.

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