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    Quote Originally Posted by Yossarian View Post
    Your greens are are only 10 inches wide?
    Sometimes you think they are.Their are quite a few greens above eye line,some of them par 3.You think you are long only to get up their and see pin hi.Or think it is pretty good,only to be on by 2inches
    Our course is built around hills and gullies,every green has a slope on it.Good luck finding a straight putt,even better luck if your above the hole on any green

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Never participated in club champs before so I’m looking forward to the challenge.
    Then this is the first time you have played in a major (for you), and thats going to be awesome.

    to quote a club pro who made the PGA championship, he was being interviewed and was asked how he felt about being there amongst the best golfers in the world, obviously thinking the answer would be that he is crapping himself, he said "this is where i get to find out how good I really am"

    Any tips? Or am I building this up way too much in my head?
    I have no idea, played in at least 30, played in about 4, and pinched one (the last one)
    Get yourself this book, its bloody brilliant. https://www.linksofutopia.com/psycho...ournament-golf

    I wouldnt have won mine without reading this book, it saved me from total collapse in Rd3, and if I knew this stuff 30 championships ago, I would have done a lot better.
    Criticism doesn't bother me, as it means I am doing something and people are watching.


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