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    Default Old cool golf stuff

    Just a question to those in the know. Is there a place, (probably online), where people buy and sell old and retro golf gear.

    My old man has some cool old golf gear that is really interesting, but is probably targeted at a specific market and he is would like know if there is a buyer for it.

    He has plenty of the smaller golf balls from the 70's and 80's, in new or like new condition. He also has, which is quite amazing, a new and still in the wrapper, golf ball from the 2nd world war. It has a little note in it that says to due to the lack of rubber because of the war with Japan, the golf ball has been rewound with some other material.

    Anyone know of any site that caters for this type of gear?

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    I cant help you but thats really interesting chappy.good luck

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    Cant help with a site,but one of my customers collects old golf gear,hickory clubs and collectibles and said their is a site based in England(I think a broker)that looks for things of interest and then finds a buyer for them from his clients list

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    Hickory golf association?

    Golf Mart on Parramatta Road, Granville, NSW, is supposed to have a museum on the second floor and an old clubmaker (Tom Moore?). They probably prefer donations than paying for old gear.

    There was also a bloke repairing old clubs (and making replica putters) at Lost Farm in 2013, but I don't know if he is still there.
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