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    You're only gonna get older and wonder about it more

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    Good luck golfnapier whatever you decide.

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    I am 36 with 2 kids and pondering the same thing having just got down to 3.0 so close to the mark!

    Financially for me I think it may be doable, but one thing I have never understood (and honestly not looked into that much) is how do you actually get a traineeship at a certain club. Do I just approach the pro there and ask if there is a position available?

    Having to relocate would probably kill the dream!

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    Hey Toolish,

    Yeah i know the feeling, the better you keep scoring the more appealing the traineeship becomes.
    In regard to getting a traineeship i believe you just have to approach club pros and ask them if they are looking at taking on a trainee. If you are lucky enough to get one then you just have to attend a playing aptitude test and ten you are on your way, from what i have heard


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