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Thread: S.o.o. 2018.

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    Reaching for my Laser cos I'm a few paces off the green... :)


    Quote Originally Posted by BUSHY View Post
    Just realised I'm in Brisbane for Game 3 so I've decided I'm getting tickets.
    Nice one mate. Can u take some photos if NSW getting the trophy please

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbluu View Post
    Nice one mate. Can u take some photos if NSW getting the trophy please
    Worried that it's going to be a while before NSW get their hands on it again and you don't want to forget?
    Fighting the good fight!

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    I'm so happy there is going to be a preview of The Block at 7.56pm tonight. I was struggling to find a reason to tune in.

    It is difficult to hate Billy Slater all by himself, Cherry-Evans is on a hiding to nothing (but he still plays for Manly, so there is no actual sympathy for him) and the easy to hate guys aren't there anymore. Bring back Cam Smith, Justin Hodges and third man in Sam.
    nothing to see here



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