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I've been wondering about this Man shake craze.
You mixing it with water or milk and what are you noticing re: eat and drinking habits after having the shake?
This isn't the first time that I've used them, as I've been through phases with it a few times over the years. I didn't like how it made me feel regularly before, but I've taken Dazza's tip to use Benefiber and that has been better. Also, without being able to exercise as well, I wasn't really motivated for weight loss. For me, I don't want it to be a long term solution, I just want to use it get rid of some weight, and improve my habits.

I mix with water, preferably cold water, and have it for morning and afternoon tea generally, but I keep it flexible. I might have something small to eat for breakfast (probably a small naughty sweet that the wife has made for the kids), and yoghurt for lunch. I probably still eat too much and the wrong things at dinner, as the wife controls the evening meals, but I should probably take more control over my portions. I am quite hungry at dinner time, because I'm also exercising and often have come straight for the gym. I allow myself a row of chocolate too.

I still drink a decent amount of beer, but only weekends, where I was drinking most nights before. I'm not even strict on the man shakes on the weekends, in fact, I've had some early morning wake ups by my bowels, so I don't think it has been mixing too well with the beer, so I will probably drop the shakes altogether on the weekend / drinking days.

As long as the scales keep moving in the right direction, then I won't change much, and I'm still building up with the running, so there will be more calories burned. If things plateau, then I will have to look at changing something else.