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    Default Who would attend NSW Champs?

    Need a show of hands please on who would attend. Need 20 to make it worthwhile.

    I have made a shipload of calls the last couple of days to accomodation and courses throughout the Central Coast and same in the Southern Highlands. That includes package deals, without packages, green fees, deals, the works. Without going in to details the clear winner on cost, availablity, and logistics is the southern higlands.

    At least the Canberra boys will attend. Hopefully the Newy contingent will come down for a weekend away.

    Accomodation cost is good. Golf very good. Most importantly if I get back within a week we get the group slot on the timesheets at both courses in the AM. Would be part of the club comp too.

    The weekend I have confirmed is Oct 12/13.

    Sat: Mt.Broughton, approx 10.30am hit off
    Sun: Moss Vale, approx 8am hit off (those travelling home on Sunday will get away at a reasonable time)
    Presentation: Moss Vale GC
    Prizes-: NTP on 2 holes each day. 1 Long Drive each day, 1 Drive and pitch each day. Trophy for gross/net winners/r-ups. Putting comp Sat morning. All to be verified. Signature banners for winners/runner-ups.

    Accommodation-: Dormi House on Moss Vale GC. Includes brekky.

    Cost: Twins $230-240/night depending on view (Roughly $120 per person a night!)
    Triples $259-$269/night depending on view (Roughly $90 per person a night!)

    Pls, no suggestions on Peppers accommodation, other courses, central coast options etc. They've all been looked at. Most have issues that I don't want to deal with/organise. This is the best deal/option to get the NSW champs up and running in 2013. We can look at making it bigger and better next year whether this goes ahead or not.

    Friday golf can be looked at later if the numbers suggest this is going ahead. Who's in?

    1) Matty - October
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    Its rough. Been there three times on a friday and the topless barwenches wander around and bring your beers. Full of rough nuts and bikers so 30 blokes in golf pants would attract some attention!


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    Quote Originally Posted by wbennett View Post
    Its rough. Been there three times on a friday and the topless barwenches wander around and bring your beers. Full of rough nuts and bikers so 30 blokes in golf pants would attract some attention!
    Only 12 of us in the slacks on the Friday.

    Admittedly I didn't think much about the fact that there may be a desire to have a few too many to drive back...in any case I'm sure that sort of thing will be easily sortable as we get closer to the weekend.


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