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    Default Sydney's King - February 2013 - matty

    Not to be mistaken as a rebel faction to the Monthly Mug, this is part of a growing monthly series of games held around some of Sydney's less goat trackish courses, which commenced last month at Penrith GC.

    Let me introduce the the winner of the inaugural event, matty.


    Username: matty

    Home club: Stonecutters Ridge, Sydney, NSW.

    How often do you play? Socially most Mondays, a comp every few weeks. Probably about 3 games a fortnight at the most.

    Current handicap: 4.5

    Lowest ever handicap: 4.5

    Dream handicap: 4 or better. For me being off 4 or better really shows youíre doing something right because there are just not that many people who get there. Itís not that easy.

    How long have you played golf? 4 years, 3 months virtually to the day. Used to play and practice a lot when I first started but itís getting hard now with two young boys, 1 and 3.

    How did you catch the golfing bug? Played at xmas time four years back with my uncle and old man. Connected with a few and the bug hit.

    What's currently in your bag? A Razr Fit Tour driver, a couple of Wilson Hybrids until I get some Adams xtd super Hybrids, Miura irons and wedges, and a 2 ball putter.

    What golf ball do you use? At the moment I am working my way through a hundred B grade ProVís I bought off the bay about a year ago.

    Dream golf purchase: Done, my irons.

    Favourite golf course played? NSW.

    Dream golf destination or trip? A trip through Ireland with my boys playing the links courses. Will have to wait about 12 years though.

    If you could pick three others, dead or alive, to play a round with, who would they be? Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, Walter Hagen.

    If you could pick three OZgolfers to play a round with, who would they be? Jono, mrbluu, and Jado. These guys are looooong off the tee. Havenít yet played with Jado but have heard rumours. Would be very funny and very interesting off the tee on every par 4 and 5!

    Favourite golf memory? The first time I shot even par. At Waratah in a comp. 48 points. Playing off 12 at the time. Obviously totally unexpected. Everything worked. Played well but putts dropped, chipped in, got up and downs, had miraculous recoveries. Took a couple of years until I did it again!

    Have you ever had a hole in one? If yes talk us through it. I did for a second on the 16th at Stonecutters. 2m draw towards the pin, landed a foot to the right and behind the cup, spun back into the hole, disappeared and then spun out again and stopped on the lip. The guys who called us up had even started cheering. Does that count?

    Most embarrassing golf moment? Aside from every time Iím in a bunker, the most embarrassing moment was few months back when I was playing in a medal comp. I thought I had a wipe on the 1st and picked the ball up.

    Favourite current Tour player: Poulter. Good value.

    Favourite golfer past or present? Why? Ben Hogan. His swing, his achievements, and his story.

    Favourite Australian Golfer: Jason Day.

    Whatís your favourite club? Driver. I love her. Sheís beautiful. Thereís something pure about a drive smacked down the middle. When she behaves mylength becomes a huge advantage and I score well. Although the longer I play the less I seem concerned about length.

    What is the strongest and weakest part of your game? Weakest is far and away bunker play. Strongest is my long game, driver and long irons, when itís working.

    What do you find the most interesting thing about the game of golf? That once you have the basics sorted it becomes so mental. And that itís deceptively hard to get good at.

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    Nice write up Matty!
    Golf Map
    WITB: PING G400 Max / Titleist 917F 13.5* / PING G410 17* / Titleist T100S 4I - PW / PING Glide 2.0 50*, 55*, 60* / PING Sigma2 Kushin C 35.5" / Titleist ProV1

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    Reaching for my Laser cos I'm a few paces off the green... :)


    I'm honoured to get a mention.....


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