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Thread: Classic Clubs

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    Quote Originally Posted by cantchip View Post
    Don't know if these clubs meet the definition of 'classic' but I found them while doing a bit of clean up on the parents farm. There is a 5iron and a putter. Clubs made by Slazenger. Look like they have been cut down for a kid to use. As a reference the 5iron is 28 & 1/2 inches. Anyone know if they are of any value or worth restoring?

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    really short answer is no
    Long answer the reason that they were cut down in the first place is that they are worthless
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    Quote Originally Posted by spanner039 View Post
    really short answer is noLong answer the reason that they were cut down in the first place is that they are worthless
    Thanks mate. Thought as much.

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    Mark Crossfield is doing retro testing on classic irons. This one is the all time classic success story, the Ping Eye 2s. I have 3 sets of them, including a Becu set and totally agree with him. Coyote Ugly, but effective as all hell still.

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    Easily the best perimeter weighted irons of all time. My BeCu set still gets a regular run on the links.

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    I’ve got a set of BeCu iron I’ve played a few rounds with and tbh I can’t see what all the fuss is.
    Didn’t wow or excite me. I swing weighted mine out of curiosity and found they are heaps lighter than what I prefer.
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    I bought a set of these off Ferrins maybe 7 or 8 years ago. Couldn't get on with the 3-9 irons at all but the gap and sand wedges are amazing - still have the wedges in my bag.

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    Got a random set of different old clubs at my olds house. I think some of them were dad's aunt's clubs. A couple of the irons have what look like wooden shafts, and dimpled faces rather than the grooves. I used them myself when I first played around 2000/01 until I got a matching set, which I'm still using now. I'll have to get some pics next time I'm around there.


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