2009 Champs Rules
  1. 2 rounds at Pelican waters as outlined in the information thread.
    • Round 1, Sat 11:00 am. Single Stab. Off BLUE tees.
    • Round 2 Sunday 9:24 am, Single Stab. Off BLACK tees
  2. Photos to be prior to the round 1 start, at approximately 10:30. Can everyone please be there before this? Note that you will not know what order the groups are going off until 10:00 on Saturday morning.
  3. Handicaps. AGU Handicaps accepted. In some cases where a handicap has lapsed, the competition organisers may deem the use of the handicap previous is allowed if it is seen as appropriate, or the person owns the site. In all other cases the player is off scratch.
  4. Draw for Sunday is a seeded draw, based on the results of Saturday. Worst first off etc etc. Hopefully we will get a foursome for last group unlike Hey Hey It's Sunday!!
  5. Draw for Saturday.
    • The draw is taking place on Friday night, at the venue.
    • This is likely to occur after a few beverages to set the mood.
    • Draw is to be conducted in a semi random manner.
    • Assuming 48 starters, there will be 4 lots of 12 balls each (split up so that all the visitors are together, etc etc as per the methods used at previous champs).
    • The balls are used golf balls or gifted rocks and will have the members name written on them in (golf balls are ready to go).
    • Each ball will be drawn in turn and the name entered into the draw (likely to be a cardboard sheet).
    • Group order will be announced at 10:00 on Saturday morning.
    • Draw Proviso 1: Lucasto and Mrs Lucusto will be together and in the last group on Saturday.
    • LD, NTP and approach holes will be announced on the days