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Paddle NSW Vajda Kayaks Marathon Series

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I have entered another kayaking event. It is the PaddleNSW Vadja Kayaks Marathon9 series. It is a series of 9 20km races at various canoe clubs around NSW. I have so far competed in the first 2 events. The first at my home club a few weeks ago and the latest today down in Canberra. I am currently in Division 6, this is for paddlers that complete the 20km in greater than 2 hours. Each division steps down in times to Division 1 who do the 20km in around 1Hr 30 Min. There are also shorter distance Divisions;
Div 7 : 15km
Div 8 : 10km
Div 9 : 10km Veteran Paddlers

Race 1 - Woronora - Division 6 - 20th - 2 Hrs 12 Min 57 Sec
Race 2 - Canberra- Division 6 - 18th - 2 Hrs 14 Min 12.58 Sec

Paddle Notes
Race 1. Woronora

Paddle was tough in pouring rain and to top it off I missed the Div 6 start by 2 min, I was happy with the time.

Race 2. Canberra

Well I was told it was tougher to paddle in fresh water and I thought I was having my leg pulled. I was crap today, to be honest the 2hr 14 times was about 6 minutes faster than I thought i has done crossing the line. I ran out of juice very early in the race and laps 2,3 & 4 of the 5km course were crap. I lost huge amounts of time to those around me. I have noted in some pics that Rachelle took that I am sitting too far aft in the kayak and dragging the bum. That might just be the little tweak I need to get the speed I require to break 2hrs 10min

Next Race: Penrith - May 7
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