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Chopper Progressions.

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Well Its been a few weeks now, and I can finally say my iron play is starting to come good. Im standing over a ball with any of the silver sticks with confidence that it will go where I want it to and not the lack of confidence and hoping it will go somewhere kind of near where it needs to be, but on the same fairway.

Confidence, I have found, is entirely under-rated and is just as important or more than a decent swing.

Im not saying now that I can put the ball to within 2 ft from 180m out (although i'd like to be able to), but I can confidently reach a majority of par 5's in 2 or 3 comfortably, depending on the tee shot.

I have also established that on 95% of holes, i'm losing shots off the tee. It doesnt help your score to be 3 off the tee on almost every hole in the round you take driver from. A few of the guys over the weekend have given me some pointers for my tee shots over the weekend, and I am looking to get put an X-stiff shaft in the driver as well.

Until that happens, the driver is staying out of the bag, and the 3 wood will be the long club of choice, I get more than enough distance from it, and can control it a hell of a lot more at the moment. I'll also be looking at taking more irons off the tee and go for placement over distance. 3 or 4 straight forward shots from the fairway to the green beat 3 or 4 shots from the rough any day.

Putting is a seperate issue, but that is one thing that is going to take a lot of time.
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  1. timah!'s Avatar
    Good stuff Rubin!
    I particularly agree with this:
    "I have also established that on 95% of holes, i'm losing shots off the tee. It doesnt help your score to be 3 off the tee on almost every hole in the round you take driver from."
    I'm sure it looks funny to a number of the guys at my club, standing on the tees of Par 5's off the blues with 3i in hand, but i'd rather be hitting 3 from 150m out than off the tee.

    How are you planning to go about improving your putting? Do you have a consistent stroke? Do you understand how YOU putt? I'd suggest just rolling a few balls as often as you can, learn what stroke takes you what distance etc.

    And I also agree re: confidence. Its funny how your game changes once you've got some.

  2. rubin's Avatar
    IDG gave me some advice yesterday that has definately helped.

    The major thing I have to remember is that its not a long drive contest. Im playiong with guys who avg 65 - 70 yrs of age, and drive the ball maybe 150m.

    If you consider the course Im playing on, and look at the way some of the top guys play it, its all about placement - not distance. So im going to start playing smarter, not harder/longer. That way, i'll hit the confidence clubs more often, and hopefully keep the ball in play.

    The putting is different. Im kind of spoilt on the Kennedy Bay greens, so i just need to get down to the local public track and get some practice in. I've established im 'decelerating' through impact not accelerating like i should be.

    Like the song says - "its all coming back to me now!"
  3. Yossarian's Avatar
    Mate next time we play ask me a bit about putting, i reckon with some of the tips JC has given me I could help a little.
  4. rubin's Avatar
    i would yoss, but i dont like putting with dildo's for a grip.

    All jokes aside, one of the guys I played with on saturday pointed out some things to me, namely that im bringing the putterhead back along way and trying to caress the head onto the ball. Leads to inconsistency.

    You seem to have a pretty good feel with the putter though, so may get you to keep an eye out.

    You playing saturdays yet?
  5. rubin's Avatar

    Weekend rounds showed a huge improvement in ball striking. I had a huge amount of confidence standing over the ball with the irons, hybrid and 3 wood. The Driver is still my problem, but hopefully the right shaft in the driver will help fix that for me.

    Unfortunately, the comp score didn't reflect my improvements. This is mainly down to my putting which is atrocious at best. Unfortunately putting isn't fixed by little technique changes, its going to take time and patience and practice to get a consistent putting stroke going.
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