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The Tassie Trip - Day 3.

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After behaving myself last night .. only one beer after dinner in the cage .. I thought I'd get an early start to the day. Then I woke up at 8am. Thats two hours later than normal. I could live down here if it wasnt so cold .. I cant sleep in anywhere except Hobart.
Drove down and checked out Royal Hobart ... looks flat but very well maintained.
Then over to the Tasmania Golf Club. Thought I'd better cart it with a few big days coming up ... and after birdying the last 2 at Kingston Beach, I've birdied the first two at Tassie. Im counting it as 4 in a row ... I dont care. Hit the first 4 greens .. then bogeyed 5,6 and 7 and an ugly triple on 9. Another bogey on 10, a great up and down from over the back on 11, and a bad bogey from a good position on 12. A 3 putt bogey on 13 when I got on the wrong side of the hole ... then parred in for 79. Happy Days.
Drove to Launceston .. Kingslayer and I picked up some of our bigger lads and drove on to Barny Lost Farm. Geez ... I cant wait ... it looks so good from the sandy dirt road you come in on. Backed up for dinner with the troops ... still waiting for Pete and ShazzaRS .. flight doesnt get in for another hour here. Discussed things that cant get posted here .... what a great fun night. Bring on more golf ... and more sledging. Marto.
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  1. BrisWesty's Avatar
    Hope you've got lots of pills. Have a great time.
  2. Jarro's Avatar
    Sounds like fun (you bastards)

    have a good one
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