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The Tassie Trip - Day 2.

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After an unexpected big night on the grog, I woke this morning to a bit more rain outside. It's wasn't heavy, more like a heavy sprinkle, just constant with a bit of wind.
Last night was funny ... I was about to go back to my room when I saw The Birdcage - the bar at the front of the Wrest Point Casino. I thought .. I'll pop in for one drink ... I'm not looking forward to paying the bill tomorrow. Kept cracking myself up by asking guys in tuxedos if they drove F1 cars. Had to be there ...
Anyway ... I was a bit dusty this morning, and lighter in pocket due to a poor performance on the pokies. A call from Kingslayer33 to meet at Kingston Beach Golf Club at 1pm. I got there at 12, and the rain seemed to stop immediately. BLESSED !!! The first few practice balls were woeful ... I hadnt swung a club for a good 3 weeks .. but I tried a few things and was able to get some consistency. Kingslayer33 arrived and after a short chat with the pro, we took off to the first tee. Kingston Beach is a mainly flat course, but it's quite an interesting test. My first impression was that it was going to be one of those up and back type courses, where every hole just goes back towards the last one. But there is enough difference in the holes that you dont mind, and it actually doesnt feel like it's up and back. A few false fronts on greens, a lot of overhanging branches making some drives quite tight with the need to manouver the ball both ways. I loved the back nine.
I ended up shooting 80 (par 71) with 3 birdies (4,17,1 and 4 double bogeys. I actually started hitting some nice solid iron shots. I'm not sure what Kingslayer would have had ... probably around the same. He can hit great shots, just his lack of consistently being able to get out and play holds him back. He hits it as long as Nudgee ... and is built more like Jarro ... only a bit taller (sorry Jarro).
Thanks for the hit Kingslayer33 .. we're gonna have a great weekend.
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  1. Ferrins's Avatar
    How good is the drive on the 3rd at Tassie.
  2. Marto65's Avatar
    I hit the fairway ... yep .. sensational.
  3. 's Avatar
    I was down there at a supers conference two years ago...thursday night was the big dinner and they had it out at Hobart dogs..great night by the way. I had to be on the road at 6:30 to drive up to Launy and pick up some blokes from the airport to take them out to Barny for the weekend,
    So were getting dropped back at the casino after the dogs where we were staying at 11:30..in the front door and towards the lift...must remember I had to be on the road at 6:30.
    All the boys were tuirning left into the Birdcage bar...no must keep walking towards life...must get on the road at 6:30.
    As soon as I made that slight one step deviation left I knew I was in trouble....left birdcage at 3am and worst two hour drive in my life on the black icy roads to Launy....probably still registering about 0.15.
    Got to airport in time to collect jack...although he drive the rest of the way to Barny.
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