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The Tassie Trip - Day 1.

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My first trip to Tassie ... I thought I couldn't wait, but the weather here is a bit sour, although some people here think it's just an average Autumn day ..
Got to the airport this morning and saw the biggest plane I had ever seen. Then I realised the baggage handler was Jarro, so it was a bit out of perspective.
The day started well, the flight was on time, I had an absolute minx sitting in the opposite aisle seat and my bags came off pretty quickly. However, the car I have hired will not fit my golf clubs in the boot. Dont worry ... two cases in the back and the clubs on the back seat ..
On arriving at the Casino, it seems that everyone here is over 70. Ferrins would love it ... mate .. you have to come down here .. I know how you love the wrinkled generation.
The day hasn't finished, and I'm already $30 down on the pokies. Sad, but .. who cares.
Tomorrow promises to clear up, with a game of golf in the afternoon with Kingslayer33 at Kingston Beach. I'll ask him if he has in fact slayed any kings, and if the number is a tally, or just his secret code number.
Will hopefully find somewhere to hit some practice pills ..

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  1. Ferrins's Avatar
    it seems that everyone here is over 70

    Not true, the climate ages them and their genetics if stuffed from sibling shagging.
  2. nudgee's Avatar
    This promises to be a fantastic trip and the weather forecast is looking much better!!
  3. kingslayer33's Avatar
    I hope you haven't blown your load already Marto?

    Pants like the ones you wore today will take some effort to relegate into first or second runner-up position.
  4. Marto65's Avatar
    Mate .. today was about building some confidence for the weekend. As for the pants, I've got more where they came from.
  5. kingslayer33's Avatar
    I definitely wasn't referrring to your game with that comment - more hoping you haven't gone out too hard with the loudest pants first round.
  6. Marto65's Avatar
    I've saved the best pairs for Barny and Lost Farm.
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