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Concentration...or the art of losing matches

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So another weekend of pennants has gone by.
Again, got to 3 up after 9 and threw it away for another 2 and 1 loss.
It seems that I play great on holes when I don't need to, but can't take advantage of the lead I build. Its like I tense up and try to 'play smart' rather than keeping my rhythm going.
As a positive, I actually started to feel 'nervous' down the final few holes as I tried to keep the match going. I hadn't felt that so far this season.
I am starting to get more consistent in my ball striking with my irons. Even off the back markers at Hills, I was reaching the par 3's (200m +) with iron. The disappointing (or disgusting) thing was the condition of the course. When a bunker is a) filled with water b) mud or c) growing vegetation its no longer a bunker and should be out of play.

As an aside, the hunt for a new driver will begin shortly. It's the most inconsistent club in my bag, which is stupid given what it should be doing. There's no "real" benefit to me hitting it over 3i, but it means that i'm not getting the benefit of what the club is designed to do. The distance that I get from it isn't consistent with the progression in the rest of the bag. And not carrying a 3w means there is a big gap in distance that i'm not taking advantage of. Whilst I still need to create consistency in my swing, I want to know that the club I have in my hands is going to put me somewhere in the ballpark of where it should. When I can see that my iron play is more and more consistent, its frustrating that i'm not seeing the same results with my driver. So that search will begin shortly, but I intend to make a concerted effort to find the best fit for me.

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  1. BroKar's Avatar
    what you playing off now mate?? also bite the bullet and go try the Titleist d2, cant recomend it more
  2. timah!'s Avatar
    Still off 23. Haven't played a comp round in about a month, so nothing to change my handicap.

    910 is on the shopping list. More likely a D3 though.

    Wife says that i'll have a budget...evil wench!
  3. timah!'s Avatar
    I probably should add, this is my 4th matchplay match in 11 years. So I can't (and i'm not) be too hard on myself. I think its a skill that I have to re-learn how to close out a match, as well as get a consistent round going.
  4. AndyP's Avatar
    Do you really think you lost it the lead or he came back? There has to be some ups and downs within a match. It would be rare to dominate one and win say '8 and 7'.
  5. timah!'s Avatar
    I think it was definitely a bit of both. But without a doubt I didn't play good golf through the back 9, and that probably helped his 'come back'. The holes I won on the back 9, I won easily, but the ones I lost were deplorable.
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