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The Mental game...

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So last weekend was probably the worst round of golf that i've played. Ever.
And it wasn't the bad golf that I was playing that made it bad. It was the fact that I just got angry. Quickly. And I couldn't shake it. It just brought my whole round down. Up until the 9th hole when I NCR'd and left.

So what is it that does this?

I went out and played a few holes yesterday afternoon. 10,11,12,10,18. +2 off the stick. WTF?
Still not hitting the ball great, but better.
Had another lesson with Martin this afternoon, and was having a little chat about it. And I struck me that I get onto the course for a comp round and become 'aggressive'. And thats the mindset I get into. And when it doesn't work, I get angry. And then more aggressive. And so on and so on...
(I also was hitting the ball better again. Still not great, but better. It also dawned on us that I am a judgmental picky bastard!)

Realising this, I guess now the challenge is to how to deal with it. I'm playing chopper division 5 pennants this year. Our first match is this Sunday, at a course I played for many many years and know pretty well. So of course, I am already thinking about how to play it. I need to turn that off for a bit.

So I guess what i'm getting at is that my journey isn't just about my golf swing, but its also about my golf brain.

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  1. AndyP's Avatar
    "So I guess what i'm getting at is that my journey isn't just about my golf swing, but its also about my golf brain."

    True Dat.
  2. timah!'s Avatar
    Let's hope Dr Bob can help!
  3. Seano's Avatar
    I've read Dr.Bob as well. However I would highly reccomend you read Robin Sieger's 'Silent Mind golf'. My wife gave it to me for christmas this year and I have applied some of the excellent practical practice drills and visualisation techniques over the last couple of months and the improvement is marked. My handicap has dropped from a previously stagnant 13 to 10 and my game has become less technically focused and more target focused. The main idea is to get you to enguage the mind in being relaxed an neutral over the ball and simply accepting the result of the shot good or bad.
    i played off single figures as a teenager and ultimatly gave the game away as I used to get very angry, angry to the point i no longer enjoyed the game. All i wish is I had read Robin's book back then as I would not have missed out on a dozen years of golf as i walked away from the game an just started back a couple of years ago.

    Ultimatly happy, angry or agressive you've gotta be happy that your out there playing golf good or bad. The book is available on Amazon and I cannont reccomend it highly enough. If your game has met a technical plateau then the best place to seek improvement is the mental approach.

    All I can say is I am following the principles, applying the practice drills and my game is improving especially from 100 years and in which ultimatly is what it's all about once you down to single figures.
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