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Positive thinking, or getting too far ahead..

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So went out to hit some balls tonight. The usual array of shots for a while, but then really started to dial it in a bit. To the point that I was really starting to feel confident about the shot that I was going to hit.
Then I started to think about the weekend. Where this shot would be good, how I could play this hole etc. Couple that with two good rounds to drop out of C-grade, i'm wondering if I'm setting myself up for a dodgy round. I'm trying to clear my head a bit, and get into the mindset of playing the round, not the bigger picture. I guess we'll see how that goes.

Gym session tomorrow, so hopefully I can get some focus during that...
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  1. Sheldon77's Avatar
    Nice. I love it when that happens. My head get all buggered up on the course anyway T, so I'm not sure I can really help. Blah, blah, blah, "don't think too much about it, but visualise the shot, go through your normal routine". We've heard it all before, it's all good advice, but as you would probably agree (or not), you can take 2 or 3 praccy swings on the course and they are sweet. Low drawback, not wrapped around your head, not overhit......... and then you put the clubhead behind that little white thingy......
  2. timah!'s Avatar
    Pretty much! Weekend turned to shit. Both rounds where terrible. Swing felt horrible, very ordinary.
    Finally got the putter working on Sunday at least.

    Lesson on Thursday, which i'm keen for again.
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