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Holding myself accountable in 2011

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So they say the best way to achieve your goals is to make them public. So thats what i'm going to do. I've got a few things i'd like to achieve in 2011, both personally and in terms of golf.

Get happier - or even just less angry.
Weight - get back to at least 78kgs, with my goal being 75kgs, and an uber-goal of 72kgs. Comfortable in a 32 pant and S/M shirts. Currently sitting at 91kgs. 13kg gained in 7 months. Not a bad bulking effort. If only it were a clean bulk instead of a dirty bulk.
No Take Away!
4x gym sessions a week. Even when i'm travelling for work. And to be consistently running 10k by EOFY.
Get back into good financial habits.

Reduce my handicap from 25 to 15.
Practice once a week, play once a week. Even when i'm travelling for work.
Make the finals of club champs, even if it is 'only' C grade.

So there it is. Nothing terribly extravagant. But enough to give me some focus and direction for the year (and beyond).

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  1. Lucasto23's Avatar
    Nice work mate, i have similar goals this year so hope you bowl them over quick smart and you need to win c grade as a minimum i would say
  2. timah!'s Avatar
    Thanks Lucas. We'll have to catch up and have a few rounds throughout the year and see how we're tracking.

    How's you injury going?

    Had my first lesson with Martinez today. A few changes to work on, but I think they'll reap some big rewards when I get it ingrained into my swing.
    Will try to get out tomorrow arvo and try it all out again, playing this afternoon after the lesson didn't work so well. I ended up playing 'tired golf'. I think the house reno's all holidays are finally catching up with me.
    Reddie Bay on Friday and Windaroo on Saturday to try and nut it out.
  3. Tongueboy's Avatar
    what do you do tim? I travel and work and by the end of the day you are rooted want to do nothing. vicious circle
  4. AndyP's Avatar
    You can do it, Tim.

    Feel free to come and join me at my running club. They run fortnightly on Sundays and there is no reason to be intimidated, as there are all sorts of levels running. 10k times span from low 30 minutes to 70 minutes plus. There is usually a 5k option too.
    There are 100 or so runners every time.
  5. timah!'s Avatar
    I work as a Trainer and Assessor throughout QLD. Some weeks i'm all over Brisbane, some i'm away elsewhere.
    I was up in Cairns for the last two weeks, finally started hitting the weights again. Will add in walking/running/pilates this week.

    Andy, I may just take you up on that.

    Handicap has now dropped from 25 to 23 (24.9 -> 23.5). Had first round off 23 at Windaroo today. I feel like i'm hitting the ball better after implementing the work with Martinez, but I still don't have it down totally right. I'm hitting certain clubs flush, but I don't think i'm getting it across my full set. So that will be the focus for the next few weeks - consistent and solid contact across my full set.

  6. LowTee's Avatar
    Tim great stuff agree with the goals good luck with them and agree ith Lucasto go out and win the C grade or opefully whn the time comes the B grade!!!
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