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1 Week ago the left hip underwent a full replacement. Glue free titanium stem, and ceramic ball and cup installed. Operation was very successful, looking forward to having some movement in the hip.

I will be learning to play again, as everything will change. I have started reading the golf books again, even though I can't yet walk properly and it is likely to be 9 or 10 weeks until I can swing a club. I have started by reading ' A Good Walk Spoiled'. Now onto Dr Bob and Elkingtons 5 steps books. Time to fill my head with stuff before I try to play again. Leaning towards both Hogan books I have, but will read a lot before then. Might even start with sending videos to Virge.

here is hoping.
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  1. AndyP's Avatar
    This might be better as a thread, Petey, as I only just spotted this in the blog section. &nbsp;Unless this is for you to collect your own thoughts?<br><br>Good luck with the comeback from the hip replacement. &nbsp;That's a lot more serious than my hip surgery.
  2. LarryLong's Avatar
    Interesting Petey. Will you need to completely remodel your swing to work with the new hip, or is it a matter of gradually getting your movement back to the point where you can make your old swing again?
  3. mrbluu's Avatar
    Good luck PDiddy!!!
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