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Home Club open this weekend

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10/11/12 Saturday. A good week of golfing fun finally getting out to practise without interruptions.The cross us amateur golfers bear is that we have to let golf be second more often than not to our regular living. In my example the need to have less time golfing is not that much of an irritant. The balm being that my golf has improved a lot since 2009. The 'less is more' as an ethos to recover from the injury flare-up in August has been maintained in line with not having to practice as much to play reasonable golf.

Fluctuating between a 12 to 14 handicap in the 2012 season whilst playing to a 6 handicap in my best competition round in review has me satisfied at the minute. Did not manage to reach my goal of a ten Handicap in 2012. it was always a big ask given the combination of ability, fitness and other commitments.

Already my fitness has been improved with reducing my weight by 8kg in the past three months and well on target for losing 10-15 kg in total by January 2013. The past month while gradually playing more golf again has been highlighted by the noticeable difference of being 8 kg lighter.

This week concentrating on putting has been the main goal, closely followed with range time with the #3 to #6 Hybrids. Hitting them well enough yet have had too many shots that hook to the left. This has a major affect in lessening the greens reached in regulation. I need that to improve to improve my handicap. It is not a major fault that needs correction as it is caused by the adjusting to being able to rotate my hips when swinging. This was almost impossible in 2009 when i returned to the game. This is a significant physical ability change, I lapse into the previous restricted body movement pattern unconsciously still and this causes the ball to draw to the left a lot at times.

All is good though and with the club open tomorrow I am still considering if playing Kingston today is going to happen or instead play socially on the home track. Thankyou for your time and attention. "Hit 'em straight all."
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