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Back on the winners list at last...

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5/11/12 Monday. It has taken a few weeks and little good fortune but at last I have returned to the winners list. This weekend took the extra step and played twice in competition Saturday at Kingston SE Stroke round for a Gross 89 for a Nett 77 (12hcp) with 33 putts. With a sub 80 gross score dropping off my handicap went out to 14 for the Sunday round.

Nothing spectacular playing wise plugged along steady steady had a few chances for birdie along the way, still with a poor putting result 34 in total for the round. A Gross 85 off the stick this time a Nett 71 and my handicap has dropped back to 13 which has been the median number for 2012.

Off the tee I was in some very good form as the round wore on. Fairway and short game play was all effective and the combination of hybrids and irons has proven itself. In good physical condition and this will be the set up for the better physical condition golfing. At the minute it's very different with summer replacing the winter tough as granite playing conditions. The all hybrid set will be a valuable option in the midst of the winter weather season also.

This week a Bowen Therapy tune up on Wednesday is booked. This will release the stiffness that playing twice in two day has brought on. After which apart from some dedicated putting practise nothing else is going to be added to the preparation for the Club Open on Sunday 11.11.12. Having played myself into some winning form after a month itis going to be a big ask to get a win in theOpen but will be having a red hot go at the A grade handicap section. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”
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