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18/10/12 Thursday. Back home after a week of travelling and looking forward to having a hit today. Did get out and play four holes after arriving home yesterday that was cut short with cart hire duties for green fee players. Must admit that this will not be missed after November when I go off committee, while still volunteering for other club duties will still be a commitment on my part if it is not Junior Golf or New Membership development I will not be stepping forward.

There will be a modicum of guilt at reducing my club involvement but that will pass very quickly. The members have to be made to change the operations of various aspects of the Golf Club and as far as I can see it people continuing to cover the gaps is not fixing problems. Especially when it results in me playing less golf.

At the minute my game is stable, not playing to handicap but only 2-3 strokes off it. Enjoying the fitness and improved mobility has me getting out on the course as much as possible. Stil not practising a lot though at the minute it is a pleasant meander with the current game and noting the game improvements from the 2012 season. There have been several that have all strengthened my game foundation. Not huge leaps of improvement but all steady small steps that combined are a leap and that is fantastic to realise and have achieved.

Ambled around on Sunday and 34 points. Apart from a couple of errors on the first and the fifth holes played the round was without any major blemishes. The score is fact, what could have happened did not. So no what if's and maybes are applicable. Thankyou for your time and attention. "Hit 'em straight all."
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