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My Golfing Passion...

One month to go...

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12/10/12 Friday. Crap weather is not encouraging my golf obsession at the minute, combined with the busy schedule of work responsibilities having a hit has been restricted. It essence this has likely been a good thing in the less is more approach to golfing.

Definitely not feeling any physical discomfort that is golf related and with the driving range set up at home now I can hit balls when I want to. Taking it easy is in part influenced with some common sense and looking forward to next season and not breaking down again. After hitting the wall three years in a row at the same time even a blind man could see that there is a pattern.

Hopefully I will get out and have a hit this arvo, Saturday is out with a social booking on the course. As bar manager I am working at the club keeping the drinks and food supply running for the visitors. With only a month of committee duties to go after two years as secretary. and VP next year I am sitting back and just playing the game. Will still be involved with recruiting new members and junior development but in th emain it is time to step back and see what happens.

At the AGM I have two new business items on the agenda one for a new membership category and second a total revamp of the clubhouse administration and operation. It was a relief to get the support to do this after two years of work in discovering the needs, and doing the work under the current system. One of my faults is a lack of diplomacy, something that is vital in golf club operation. Fortunately it has been possible to be moderate my extreme way of doing things and it has worked. Importantly is the fact that I did not just mouth off but did the work as well.

Now it is back to playing golf without the admin distractions. Thankyou for your time and attention. “Hit ‘em straight all”
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  1. Irongrass's Avatar
    Hi Talart,

    Having the same problems with work getting in the way of having a hit. This week most of the clubs are having mixed Ambrose, or similar, so I'm giving these games a miss. Having a hit out with a mate at Tailem instead - just going to enjoy having a bash rather than taking trying too hard - which is possibly my biggest mistake! Keep enjoying your golf Talart!
  2. Talart's Avatar
    Having a bash is great fun it has been great to get out and enjoy the game and not have the 'must win' approach of late. It is refreshing to drop that facet of golfing and return to the beginning.
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