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Back into competition again...

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1/10/12 Monday Good Grief it is true I do still play golf! Seems like forever since I have played a competition round and it is over a month since recovery from the injury flare up and getting knocked out of the championships. Finally bit the bullet and played Sunday and had a couple of goes at getting to the club, yes there was fear in my mind at playing again and doing myself an injury.

Monthly Medal and finished with a 93 for a nett 80, the 26 putts won me the flat stick comp. on the day and apart from a 9 on the second hole was travelling very nicely. Until the 18th with an OB and into trees with the second off the tee and finished with an 8. Managed to claw back a decent score after the 9 and it was a driver fault from some lingering injury restrictions both times that caused the blow outs. This morning it was out to the club to do the Junior Coaching and then the bbq duties for the coring volunteers.

A great day and it would have been fine to hit some balls but out of time at the finish of the day. Physically was feeling some stiffness that was noticeable yet not debilitating. The mental errors on the day were not that destructive or important to me even though they damaged the round.

The most important part of the day was to front up and play and not be as crap as expected. My game has not fallen apart with less practise and play. Confidence has been given a big boost in getting on the course and playing the game again.
Thankyou for your time and attention. "Hit 'em straight all'


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