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28/9/12 Still recuperating to an extent and playing minimum golf at the minute. Playing nine holes last Friday after a couple of days using the driving nets and a good hit out at Drummond golf driving range at West Beach.
Yesterday playing 5 social holes and sticking with the changed attitude off the tee and even surprising myself and continuing to hit the ball with aggression on the fairway also. It was an erratic day when it came to accuracy but that was improving with every hit. What is particularly noticeable is that now swinging freely and hit through the ball and have the club finish behind me. This is still taking time to become accustomed too.
It is a lot harder than it looks. After 20 plus years of protecting injury and not straining the various tender spots my body is much more supple and flexible after three golfing seasons. Making the step up to a full unrestricted swing took me 40 balls at the driving range two weeks ago. It is a little psychological battle in letting the swing bloom.
This morning again there is a little stiffness around the ribcage but nothing that will be a major restriction. As long as there is no follow up today and I hit the ball in moderation for the next couple of weeks. There is a 27 hole tournament in two weeks that I will consider if my progress maintains this improving game development. Thankyou for your time and attention,
Hit ‘em straight all.
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