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14/9/12 Friday. Ambled around the course yesterday morning and hit the ball well enough short game was a fail though. Interesting aside was joining up with anotherclub golfer who has not played the past week due to a back injury as well. Both were making the same short game errors and that may be nothing more than coincidence yet still worth the attention.

When my injury is in ascension generally playing the driver and long iron shots are not affected too much. The short game really does struggle for any consistency.There is no 'feel' to play the chip shot with the right strength the body starts to be out of control. Chip shots can vary from short pop ups that go 2 metres or less to a low rocket scorching across the green. It only happensperhaps two or three times a round. As happened in the matchplay of the club championships that was enough to cost me the play off win. In a competition round it is the same with two or three holes blown out around the green.

The conclusion at the end of the season is that I have not got the balance of how much golf is too much, wrong again. The ability and skills of the game have improvedwhich is a good thing for me, the failure to manage the playing quota was not. Getting this wrong is not the end of golfing or the most important aspect of my life. The pain caused and failing to win are in the right orderof importance. Golf is fun and that includes all the practise, as well as playing the game, planning, thinking and socialising that is part of my golfing experience. That I am still stupid enough to overdo it again even entertainsme.

Thankyou for your time and attention. "Hit 'em straight all.


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