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My Golfing Passion...

Back in the swing and it feels so damn good...

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12/9/12 Wednesday. The temptation was too great and I just had to grab a golf club and hit some balls into the net on Tuesday afternoon. A few stretches and loosenedup from the first swing to the last 35 balls later, every one reminded me why I enjoy playing golf as much as I do.

In hindsight the break has been a wise move. The smoothness of the shots and the energy and power was terrific to feel again. It was as if a mountain of weighthad been removed from my shoulders and restraints on my arms. hips and legs had all been loosened as well.

Stopped at the right time as well, last night some stiffness in the ribs and under my arms was noticed. This morning most of it has gone except for a small niggleunder the left arm. Will make a definite choice later in the week about playing or not on the weekend. Having overdone the golfing already in 2012 this next 3 month period is more important to use as recovery and recuperation.There are still a few Open events to play and that will be better done in this current state of refreshed vitality. Thankyou for your time and attention. "Hit 'em straight all.
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