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My Golfing Passion...

Blink and you miss it... Oz Golf

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8/9/12 Apologies for the delayed acknowledgement of your contributions, Golfgeek3005, RABBITSFOR08. One of the joys of rural living and moving house is the transfer of communication services. May be better off with carrier pigeons instead of telcomunications, less crap with pigeons.

The money is a factor, the tournaments are part of the day job for professional golfers. As is the sanctioned status of a tournament and the entry success gives to other events. The distance to be travelled would be taken into consideration with the reward structure and lastly but not least the status of a victory in an event.

As is mentioned in regard to the Australian Open it was 'once considered the fifth major'. That is dead and buried now and is trotted out these days in articles bemoaning the 'loss' of this.

I will use another word, 'failure'. Totally had enough of the annual trotting out of superlatives in commentary and media pieces about the' once upon a time' Australian Open. Fact is that it no longer has the standing of the past for what ever reasons that are regurgitated each year. Time that Golf Australia actually confronted the state of professional golf in the country and established something with some spine. Not the usual pale shadows that are nothing more than window dressing in the empty shop front of an abandoned business district.

Have heard all of the words on ‘golf is different’ and what is affecting the professional game. Australian Golf has a lot of talk that is the epitome of a can’t do attitude. If the Oz golf environment cannot support a regular tour of some efficiency nationally there is definitely failure at the top.

No prizes for predicting what is going to be talked about when the Australian professional feature tournaments are on in 2012, the same as every other year. The question will be asked of the leadership and nothing will be forthcoming except ‘stuff is being done’ and once the events are over that will be the last of golf in Australia in the mainstream media attention until the same time next year.

Keeping to the sensible although mildly frustrating 'No Golfing" plan for the weekend. Not missing playing the game too much and enjoying the physical respite after the commitment of the past year. Next week I may start to hit a few balls in the driving net set up in the shed at the new home. With such a big back lawn the though has crossed my mind to create a putting surface in a corner patch. That is the definite proof of a golfing obsession. When not playimng the game then I am thinking about it way to much. Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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