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Saturated course for first championship qualifier

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19/8/12 Sunday Even with the losing effort at Kingston yesterday finishing 3 shots off the mark, it was a good preparation for today. First Qualifying round for club championships and my game is in good form. Importantly so am I physically especially compared to last season when I was struggling to swing a club let alone play well by this stage of the season. Improved fitness 7 kg lighter at the minute following the weight reduction program of the past months and of course second season as a non smoker. Golf wise my form is steady and reliable in all aspects Driver, fairway and short game. Putting is not brilliant but I am confident and that is good enough.The course has been soaked since Thursday, today at last it is beginning to dry out a little. The following pictures were taken this morning and two fairways arestill saturated the 6th;
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Name:	Wet Course August 19 2012 003.jpg
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Name:	Wet Course August 19 2012 004.JPG
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the 7th

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What this does not show is the muddy condition of all the holes inclusive 3rd to 9th at the least there are others that will be very wet underfoot also.

As long as it does not rain today and the wind remains at the current gentle breeze I will be in full attack to this stroke round. It is also the second round of
the Gallerie Trophy which I won the first one. So there is a little extra motivation for me to get a win on the board in this round. Thankyou for your time and attention "Hit 'em straight all"
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  1. Irongrass's Avatar
    Wow, that's incredibly different from when I was down there in May! Hard to comprehend! I guess its that time of the year; the ground is soaked and unable to take up any more moisture...
    Good luck with the championship!
  2. Talart's Avatar
    No room left for any more moisture is the case. We could not pump water off the course last month due to works being done by the irrigation contractor. In that time the course was literally flooded on several holes, all for the slowness of inserting 30 cm of connector pipe. That was done eventually and the course pumped dry again. I think that it still had soaked up all it could though and then the 50mm (2") in 24 hours late last week just broke the capacity again. Still pumping water off course yesterday and the coverage is less visible but still a soaked course.
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