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Course development... I'd rather play golf

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18/8/12 Saturday. This is about to become a rant that has been formulating for several months. Our club is currently in the process of developing land for adding holes to become a quality 18 hole course as well as subdividing existing land to finance the project.
As is expected there are residents who do have objections to what is open space as a golf course becoming housing and there has always been a position of compromise with the residents to reach an agreement. There has been meetings and agreement that have been reneged upon. Now there are people wanting more than what had been supposedly sufficient to make them satisfied.
I have had enough of this and have stated my position at the last committee meeting. Our golf course is actually right in town and with in walking distance of most accommodation and residences. As a volunteer who ‘works’ at the club, bar manager, cart hire, and VP after being Sec. last year as well as doing what I joined it for , play golf. My position has changed dramatically after considering the latest raft of demands.
At the September committee meeting I am going to propose that the golf club prepare to close and sell the assets as is stipulated in the constitution. I already drive 30 minutes to play at an adjoining 18 hole course in another town 45 km away each week. I really don’t give a crap for having to deal with residents who want scrub etc to remain and stifle the club development.
The benefits of another 40 housing blocks in town 500m from the CBD, having a quality 18 hole golf course the same distance are all good. As is compromise with residents. As far as the rest of the crap, for green space, flora, fauna, birds and egos…stuff it I want to play golf. My position is no longer one of compromise I am taking the stance of what is best for the club, community and economic development of the town. It is not about winning or losing it is about 100% commitment to success.
This is why I would not be a good club president, I have the diplomatic skills of a T34 tank. Unfortunately It has moved from second to third gear and I am f@cked if I am going to down-shift to mollify the posture of opponents.
Thankyou for your time and attention. “Hit em straight in the genitals all”
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  1. Irongrass's Avatar
    Hi Talart.... working with a community can be next to impossible sometimes!!!

    I like your comment about the T34.... Some say that that tank won the 2nd World War!!!! Evidently.... the early German experience was that their artillery shells would bounce off of them....

    I reckon there's something in that you know....

    Take care mate!!!
  2. Talart's Avatar
    LOL driving a tank over the opponents would be effective, a little not so pissed off this morning but not changing my position on the matter.
  3. Irongrass's Avatar
    Yeah, don't change your position. I guess what I was alluding to was to keep fighting on - let the "artillery shells" bounce off - and fight on regardless!
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