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A winning result...

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13/8/12 Monday. Once again the two competition round golfing weekend has delivered winning results in my game. Ever since I started travelling away to play on Saturdays,when playing the next day in the home track competition no matter how I perform away my golf is either a winning or top three place result. It is an odd experience as the away courses are very different, invariably the greensare faster and fairways feature taller trees. This seems to make me hit much straighter off the tee and fairways, and the slower greens do end with me having several putts stop well short of the hole. Yet rarely miss the secondputt with an aggressive straight to the hole stroke.

Yesterday I scored 38 Stableford points, 19 on each nine played and a wipe on both nines as well. One was just poor golf the other totally bemusing. Hit a secondshot saw the ball go into a tree and could not find it anywhere, lost ball penalty killed the scoring on that hole. Apart from those two blemishes the round was highlighted with greens in regulation or just missed and accuratedrives off the tee. Putting was not a strength and whilst not too bad needs to be tuned up this week. The following two rounds are club championship qualifying events and I am not far off my best form at the minute. Playedwith the reigning club champion yesterday and while having the better score by one point his handicap of 8 is four less than my 12. Overall though it was an encouraging day for my aim to have another crack at the club titlein 2012.

Coming runner up in 2011 has been a motivation for the improvement in my golfing this season. This covers several areas from equipment to physical condition. Thistime last season I was struggling to maintain the ability to be able to play well with my body having reached its limit of endurance. That is not the case in 2012, having dropped 6.5 kilograms in weight. Planned for practiseto include a schedule that does not have me lacking in energy and capability when it came to the qualifying and championships. I play golf for fun and exercise yet the varied competition is an inspiration to play as much asI do.

Equipment wise there has been the change to a larger driver giving extra distance and not sacrificing the accuracy of the smaller club head size I have been using.The change to a mallet putter has also been an improvement which has increased my confidence when putting on the green. Finally and most recently has been the change to having a complete set of hybrids in the bag from #3 toPW. This most recent development was not expected to have such a significant influence as it has. Certainly not going to discount this and am a wholehearted convert to this style of club as best for my game.

This week will be one of practise as usual with more attention to putting improvement. No matter what level of golfplayed getting the ball in the hole is always the most important part of your round.
Thankyou for your time and attention. "Hit 'em straight all"


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