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My Golfing Passion...

Kingston SE some good form comes into my game...

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12/8/12 Sunday. The good golf form which has been sitting back apart from occasional glimpses in rounds of late came out in full light during yesterdays round atKingston SE. Not having to travel so far and playing in reasonable weather was an assisting factor also. Scoring 34 points and that was with a poor display of tee shots and 3x three putts. The All hybrid set again showed itsbenefits, GIR were above my usual standards 50% of greens hit and those missed were in the less than 5 metre zone. There were a few lapses and off the tee was the cause of most errors during the round. This was well coveredin the main with the rest of my golfing. Putting also had a couple of lapses and not getting any birdies from the several attempts was frustrating.

Not altogether unsettled by the putts that did not drop. Having so many birdie attempts in itself was a major addition to my game. This was a result of the AllHybrid set and the ease of playing short clubs with accurate placement onto the greens. When I say the shorter clubs that is all from the #5 Hybrid to the Pitching Wedge. It seems at the minute that I have got the clubs inthe bag which suit my game at the minute. The lightness and the large sweet spot of the clubs has reduced the errors. Especially the tendency to hit the ball fat or thin is noticeably missing. Previously it was a strain tomaintain consistent ball striking due to physical constraints and the hybrids have largely negated that detrimental aspect.

Staying on the home track for Sundays stableford competition and not travelling to Millicent to play their Open. Part of the preparation for the start of ChampionshipQualifying which starts next weekend. Thankyou for your time and attention. "Hit 'em straight all"


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