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My Golfing Passion...

Club Competition only this weekend...

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11/8/12 Saturday. The past week was not the most golf inclusive for a while. Playing the Kingston Open on Sunday was a tale of two nines in what could be termed very challengingweather conditions. Strong winds passing rain squalls were the feature on the front nine and I scrambled to a 45 off the stick and that was a good effort on the day. After lunch and feeling confident the wheels fell off mygame. It was a collap[se across the board, putting chipping fairway and tee shots all compounded to return a 52 off the stick for a gross 97 on the day. A Gross 90 would have delivered a second place finish in the A Gradeon the day.

It was a frustrating end to the round and it came about through lack of concentration in the main and a little physical restriction. Overall my travelling performance in thevarious club opens in the region have not been successful in the competitions. Yet when returning to play in my home track competitions I have been in the winners list. This weekend is the Millicent Open on Sunday and I amgoing to give this trip a miss. The course is one that is a challenge to play and as much as it would be great fun to make the journey, it will be a home round for me and running the competition to cover for others who aregoing. Taking the trip to Kingston later this morning though to test out my current form, played nine holes yesterday with the Nextt all Hybrid set and the comfort with the new set is getting established.

The following is the blurb for the Nextt Hybrid set, “This Nextt Golf Axis Overdrive Hybrid Set features a unique hollow design thatallows for a much larger and effective sweet spot. The refined weight system provides a lower centre of gravity that allows the player to get the ball airborne faster and with more accuracy.The ease of swinging the clubs and the large sweet spot is especially noticeable. The clubs feel so light and so far my ball strikingfrom the six iron to the pitching wedge has been very good. The accuracy and distance are all benefiting from the hybrid design and while away this week I spent two sessions at a driving range giving the #2 to #5 hybrids agood workout. At the minute all is on track for the coming club championship qualifying rounds which commence on the 19th of August.

Thankyou for your time and attention. “Hit ‘em straight all”
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  1. Irongrass's Avatar
    Hi Talart, the Mannum Open was on last Sunday as well. Lots of people registered but pulled out once they saw the weather. Disastrous for the club too - less entrants meant less $$$. I reckon 97 off the stick is a pretty reasonable score considering the conditions.

    Really interested in your new set of clubs. Might have to look into the cost of them I reckon... and start saving the $$$.....
  2. Talart's Avatar
    All the regional opens I have travelled to this season have had average numbers in attendance. Those when there have been poor weather in the offing have all had low attendances.
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