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18/4/12 Wednesday. Had to change the travelling plan for the weekend to play at the Heywood Open Tournament. Work commitment on the Sunday made it too difficultto be able to guarantee getting there in time to play, being a 27 hole competition it meant leaving at 6.30am to get there by 8.30am Tee off. Was looking forward to the challenge as I had not played the course, my body ishappy it is a no show as it was a real struggle to complete the 18 holes on Sunday just gone. Working on the rehabilitation this week since Monday and it is gradually improving. With the Sunday competition at the Home cluba combination of events, 1st Qualifying Round Club Handicap Championships, Monthly Medal and 1st Round of the Caledonian Inn Trophy.

Have won the Caledonian Inn Trophy the past two seasons, so will be putting in a good effort to defend the title. The Handicap Championship was mine in 2009 andthis season my game is a lot more consistent and I should be in the mix to make the matchplay finals at least. The past few weeks of practice have been good for establishing the consistency with my swing and general strokeplay to an acceptable level for my handicap. I had been drifting out each week and was on 14 handicap for Sundays round just gone. The result on the day has me back to a playing handicap of 13 again.

The change to the new Bridgestone J36 clubs had been a little unsettling in my rythym and tempo. That combined with having pushed myself too the physical limitssince January resulting in a golf game that was erratic. The coaching changes worked from day one in that time but it was a longer adjustment than expected. It was very hard to stop falling back on old habits that destroythe effectiveness of improvements in recent months while physically struggling. This is an example that the mental aspect of golfing saves strokes as much as having a good swing. It is imperative that a golfer concentrateson ‘doing the right thing’. It can seem pedantic as an amateur golfer out having fun that it is just as important to have your mind disciplined just as the professionals do.

Part of the refreshing my mental golfing attitude has been the past two weeks of experimenting with driver shaft changes. At the same time the regular practicewas maintained on the range hitting balls with 6 and 9 irons with chipping and putting practice on the greens. In refreshing the mind practice, I was out on the range belting balls with reshafted drivers. Enjoying the gradualrealisation that each one now has the same consistency in distance, regardless of the flight pattern. Previously they were so different it was impossible to compare if the various head sizes did make much difference. In thisweek the practice with the drivers has been more controlled going for accurate ball placement on fairways now that the distance issue has been evaluated. I am currently favouring the 400cc Fastrax 10 degree offset Driverthis week alongside the MDD Tour 380cc Driver with 8.5 degrees loft. My reason for this is that as winter sets in the run on fairways is going to decline and the run from the MDD Tour driver will be negated.

I am still considering getting a new shaft for the 400cc (and 420cc driver) as it has a short used shaft from a Taylor Made 370cc in at present. Having reachedthis stage and getting good results is satisfying, the next step will be getting a professional opinion on a shaft upgrade and if it is worth it. Another option being considered is purchasing an Exotics Tour CB3 430cc driver.I have read some reviews that given it is a relatively newer model especially that may be a better choice. I am getting the 220 m distance off the tee with ease at the minute. Adding another consistent 10m would be a majorimprovement off the tee and at the minute I can only see that as possible with improved technology.
Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all.”


  1. LeftyHoges's Avatar
    Not only should your body be thankful for not playing at Heywood, your mental fragility should be grateful too. My brother played in the mixed pinehurst on Saturday and said the greens were an absolute disgrace.Nothing new there though, Heywoods greens have been a disgrace for 5+ years now.
  2. Talart's Avatar
    Thanks for the heads up Lefty. There are a few guys planning a trip over later in the season.
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