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My Golfing Passion...

Bordertown Open result....

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3/4/12 Tuesday The weekend tournament at Bordertown was one of extremes in golf. The first day is still one that has me bemused at the result. Starting on the backnine my final scores on the nines were 55 and a 51, total gross 106 for a nett 93. Last time I had a 100 plus score was in September 2011 when I was struggling to play with the golfers elbow injury, prior to that was in November2010 when playing off a 19 handicap. This round was one of total inconsistency. Could not drive of the tee with any of the recent stability, off the fairways and into the trees on most holes. Requiring a drop for relief withthe penalty just to be able to chip out to a fairway. Using the irons on the par 3 holes worked fine enough but then it would be either bad chipping and putting combined to score a double bogie.
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The putting result, apart from one three putt all the rest being one or two putts for a 36 stroke total. The greens were beyond my ability to play first up on Saturday.Missing many with the ball just running and catching the rim and going out instead of into the hole. The greens were some of the best that I have played on and the difficulty was my lack of ability on the day in getting theball into the hole with the first putt. Chipping with the 56 degree wedge was a total catastrophe all day. Most of the time it took two chips to get onto the green, the first invariably going short, added with the second chipnever running up to the hole.
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Not once during the day was there any lessening of trying to improve my standing and performance. Being a happy good natured golfer really did pay off on the day,no displays of petulance or bad temper came from me for the entire round. Was already getting pumped for round 2 the next day and coming out to improve. There was a bit of moderation in the socialising that night on my part.After dinner with my playing partners and a few others I headed out to see a Johnny Cash tribute show at the Mundulla Oval which certainly reduced the amount of beer consumed on my part. The daylight saving turn back theclock also helped getting an extra hour of rest before starting the day.

Right from the start my game was on track, I did manage to get some chipping and putting practice in before tee off which did not happen on day 1. made the decisionto use the Pitching Wedge for chipping all day which proved to be a good choice. The new addition to the bag a Diawa #2 Iron was spot on for the long fairway shots. A total of 8 GIR’s, 8 fairways hit off the tee and muchimproved putting all contributed to the much better round. A total of nineteen strokes better with an 8 after a bad decision with a ball buried in a bunker on a par three. Fortunately that was the second hole played on theday and with 16 holes to go could be countered. Starting score on the back nine with a 44 after that was a good effort and a 43 to finish and a total score of 87 and a Nett 74. Missed out on second place in a four player countbackin the B grade on the day.

With Easter this weekend my golf efforts will be in the clubhouse working the bar for the many tourists. The club has a two person aggregate Stableford competitionwith Guest day a seasonal recruitment event held. I do not really enjoy playing the pairs events all that much and I have done a fair effort in membership recruiting so I will have a weekend off in competitive golfing. Havea Happy Easter all, “Hit ‘em straight all.”
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