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Return to the Quest to Break 80

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I am finally feeling like I am hitting the ball well enough to think I can return to my quest. I should be making the practice range once a fortnight and the course a couple of evenings a week for a while now.

Some new thoughts, and actually studying other peoples swings instead of looking at them (weird concept I know) is starting to show some good signs. Going back through Gerry Hogans book, and trying to implement only what he says in there, with a bit of common sense from Harvey as well.

Brookwater this weekend is going to be interesting, but after that I'll be back into it at Reddy Bay.
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  1. Talart's Avatar
    "studying other peoples swings instead of looking at them" This worked for me, having filmed my own swing since begining to play again and the transitions to the better swing from coaching is good. Watching and then studying other golfers swings has been a great boon, I can tell what is correct/better and applies to my swing and I use this as a reference point for confidence. i dont try to emulate other golfers swings.
  2. Ferrins's Avatar
    When is your short game video coming out. I want to learn that flop shot you did at Brooky.
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