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Quest to Break 80 - Rejigged

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For those of you that don't know I have undergone Hip Replacement surgery which has put a rather large dent in my Quest to Break 80 blog. However I am now getting back into it slowly.

7 Weeks post surgery today. My muscles around the leg are still recovering from the extra work they did at the champs last weekend, but are coming along nicely. Most likely I will get to the range early next week, and maybe the course Late on Sunday for a couple of holes.

My walking is improving, the main goal is to be able to walk 9 holes by end of November, return from my leave of absence at the club around Christmas and return to playing regularly, with an eye on a good performance at the Wynnum Cup.

I am considering changing to more forgiving set up. Currently looking into the Callaway FT irons, having moved to i-Mix drivers. Have also purchased Eidelon wedges off Blakey. Fun times ahead.
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  1. Talart's Avatar
    Great to see you back into the quest mate. Slow and steady will get you over the line in the end. Once again golf is a great excuse to buy more stuff too. The build up of stamina/strength is important and that takes time as well so enjoy the time getting to the goal.
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