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My Bag

Bag: Ogio Grom Stealth

Driver: Titleist 910D3 (A1 9.5*) Aldila RIP 60 Stiff
3W: Nickent 4DX 3+ Proforce V2 Stiff
Hybrid: 3 Adams Pro Black 18* Aldila VS-Proto Hybrid 80g Stiff
4-PW: Bridgestone J33 Combo Forged Dynamic Gold S300
Wedge 1: Sand - Nike VR Forged 54/12 Dynamic Gold S400
Wedge 2: Lob - Nike VR Forged 58/6 Dynamic Gold S400
Putter: Nike Unitzed Leo
Ball: Bridgestone e7

Rainwear: Niblick
Shoes: Nike
Glove: Footjoy

My bag has come a long way since I first took up golf 2 years ago;

A quick yardage table for my current set:

Driver: 250m+
3wood: 225m
Hybrid: 190m
4I: 175m
5I: 160m
6I: 150m
7I: 130m
8I: 115m
9I: 105m
PW: 90m
SW: 60m
LW: 40m

I swing my driver at 104mph, 13* launch, 3000rpm. My ball flight is a typical fade (10m) and my go to shot is a high cut 240m.

I swing my 5 Iron at 85mph with a tempo of 1.4seconds. I have a slow takeaway and smooth transition. Hit straight with my irons, I tend to miss with a left pull.
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  1. Talart's Avatar
    Have that left pull in my game of late. So flaming frustrating after being a slicer for so long before. At least it is an improvements most times and I even get it into a draw at times.
  2. Puji's Avatar
    my left pull is caused by being OTT at impact when I get lazy. really need to focus on inside-square-inside path. It's not a bad miss, and I have learnt to compensate. just difficult when pin is far left with hazards nearby.
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