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Quest to Break 80 - May Monthly Medal.

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No time to practice since the last round, so went out this morning with no expectations. Played surprising well considering.

Shotgun start off the 9th, prefered lies due to some parts of the course still being soggy.

9 - Bogey - Drive left, over hazard into a gutter next to the sand bunker. 4W Low up the 10th to about 140m out. Punch draw 6 iron under trees and onto green. Pretty happy with this shot. Practice green was fast, 9th green not so fast, and I leave the first putt about 8' short, lip out the next one, tap in for 3 jab Bogey.
10 - Bogey - Drive left side of fairway. 7 Wood to about 10' short of green. Pull chip left, 2 putt bogey.
11 - Par - Drive in fairway. GW hit fat drops sort of green. Lob over edge of bunker to about 5'. 1 putt par.
12 - Double. Hook tee shot dead at base of tree. Punch out. pull punched iron shot left into tree branch. Wedge on 2 putt bogey.
13 - Par. 7W short, ship on, 1 putt. Happy days.
14 - Bogey. Drive into bunker LHS. Out to about 190m. 7 W across corner to just short. Way too much on the chip. 2 putt bogey.
15 - Birdie. Best drive, litttle fade to middle of fairway. Wedge a bit strong to back of green. Long putt into the hole!
16 - Bogey. Iron to bunker left. Out and 2 putt bogey.
17 - Double. Push drive next to the bunkers but in a real crappy half dry mud area. 7 iron slightly fat drops short. Mega knife wedge almost onto the 3rd green. Wedge back on, 2 putt double.
18 - bogey. Drive left ono edge of 1. Punch out. 7W to about 90m. Wedge on. 2 putt bogey.
1 - Bogey. nice drive to left of fairway. 7W short of bunker. Wedge through green (bit thin). Putter on, 1 putt bogey.
2 - Bogey. Drive left bounces out of trees. 4W to trees r, bounces out as well. Wedge onto back apron. Putter on, putt.
3 - Par. Drive fairway, 7 W Right. PW to right of green. chip on, 1 putt par.
4 - Par. just short with a 7W. Thin chip catches edge of hole and rolls about 5' past (lucky!). Putt in.
5 - Bogey. Drive trees R. 5 iron hit sweet fades but not enough into the back left bunker. Sand shot out drops short and gets caught up in long grass on the slope. Putter on, 1 putt bogey.
6 - bogey. First shot left, chip over, chip on, 1 putt.
7 - Par. 4W fairway R. Wedge just clears hazard to between hazard and green. Putter on lips out. Tap in.
8- bogey. Sky driver. 7 iron catches tress and drops. Punch a bit strong into bunker. Out to top of hill, rolls down and just misses, going 4' past. Putt in for bogey.

85/66. Pretty happy with the round. 26 putts (although a couple from just off the green). 7 fairways.
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  1. Talart's Avatar
    Well done god round and another step closer to breaking 80.
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