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Hi all,

I'm Puji. I like golf.

writing this, I feel as if I should be in a rustic wooden chair in a run down classroom with 9 other golfaholics introducing ourselves. You know you have a problem when your blogging about golf.

I have pondered about starting a golf blog, and I have finally gathered enough effort to put one together. Hopefully one or two other people read it (and possibly follow it), but hopefully it will allow me to think out loud, follow my own thoughts and in the future reflect on my progress or lack thereof.

A bit about me.

I am 24, work full time 9 - 5 in finance.I have been playing golf since January 2009.

I live in Docklands, neighbouring the Melbourne CBD.

To start with I will be writing blog entries with about a two week delay as I have just recently returned from a golfing holiday in NSW that I would like to blog about. Once I have completed this, it iwll return to real time.

Anyway to all of the three reading this; enjoy, follow and comment.


  1. Talart's Avatar
    It is easy to blog abouit golf, coz as a golfer the brain is forever having conversations about your own game. It is much better to write it and then feel justified in ayingthat golf does not cause madness. now you have 4 people reading lol
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