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Quest to break 80 - Easter Cup

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Unfortunately I am not playing in the Toowoomba or Headland easter comps this year, due to a birthday and the Reds Waratahs game. Redland Bay has an Easter Cup, where they have the best 2 of 3 stab rounds on Sat/Sun/Mon. I am hoping to play 2 rounds at least. Should be good.

Taking the stuff I did at the range on Tuesday with the OG crew, I headed up the course this afternoon for a couple of holes. I pulled the i-Rod shaft out and stuck it into an i-Mix connecter and tried it out in the FT-iZ. Seemed a bit short, but it was humid as hell and the course very wet. I like the Voodoo too, so might have to have a shoot off. Drive carry around the 205 mark (GPS measure) and a bounce of a couple. Pretty straight as long as I swing good. Might try it in the FT-iQ Tour and see how it goes. Also trying to get a FT-5 head, but they seem to be fairly rare (one on the bay for $150 with a YS 6+ reg, seems a bit much).

The adjustment to close my shoulders up a bit (return them to square) has meant a lot more iron shots on line. Chipping is a bit hotter and straighter too. Beginning to feel quite happy with the changes as they come. Did hit a nice 8 iron to the heart of 11, and it checked up.

Will hopefully get out for a hit tomorrow, even if it is a couple of holes in the evening or the 9 hole chook run. Would have liked to get down to the Glades, but can't afford it and next weekend.
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  1. PeteyD's Avatar
    Headed up to Reddy Bay with Daves this arvo and we played a relatively quick 18 (3.5 hours). Sorted out what driver combo I like at the moment (9.5 FT-iQ with i-Rod stiffy). Looking forward to tomorrow.
  2. PeteyD's Avatar
    Saturday round - 33 pts stab, bit uggarly in patches, nothing too exciting. Lost the stats cos the new app on the phone doesn't keep em.

    Today - 40 Points scrambled well.

    1 -Bogey - Drive RHS, 7 W short right, Wedge on that rolled through (greens were a fair bit faster thanks to the breeze drying them out). Putter on to 1'.
    2 - Bogey - Hooked drive in the trees. Punch out. Hybrid pushed to RHS. Wedge over bunker to 3'. Putt.
    3 - Bogey - Drive to Fwy. Misshit 7 wood to about 135. Push to Right of green. Wedge on. 2 Putt.
    4 - Par - Hooked hybrid into trees. Punch 8 iron on to about 15', directly below hole. Putt straight in.
    5 - Double - Drive to Fwy. Iron just short. Putter on too hard as the grass off the green took nothing off the ball. 1st putt too short, miss 2nd. Bugga.
    6 - Bogey - Pot left, Out to 10', 2 putt.
    7 - Par - Drive Rght side. Punch Iron over creek to 60m. Wedge to 4'. Putt.
    8 - Bogey - Drive Left in the trees. Punch out to fairway. Wedge to 10'. 2 Putt.
    9 - Double - Best drive in ages. Snap hook 7 W dead against tree. Punch out. Hybrid up fairway. Wedge on. 2 Putt.
    10 - Bogey - Snap hook off tee. Punch out of trees. 7W just over bunker left. Wedge to 3'. Putt.
    11 - Par - Drive LHS (lots left today!) into trees, near the 150 marker. Hybris on to front. 2 Putt par (just missed the birdie slider).
    12 - Par - Hook onto 11. Punch 5iron on. 2 Putt.
    13 - Double - Hook. Wedge on. 2 Putt.
    14 - Bogey - Drive into 2nd bunker RHS. Out. Iron to 80 out. Wedge on. 2 Putt.
    15 - Bogey - Drive into wind too short for corner. Punch up. Wedge to front. 2 putt.
    16 - Birdie - Punch 5Iron into wind and on. 10' Putt rolls in.
    17 - bogey - Hooked drive. 7W to just short of bunker. Wedge on 2 putt.
    18 - Bogey - Driver LHS in trees. Mishit hybrid all the way over onto 2nd fairway - good soldier golf. 7 Wood just short of bunker. Wedge just over. Putter on, putt.

    87 off the stick. 30 putts. Had issues going left all day. The hip was playing up a bit. Scrambled quite nicely. With the course a bit dryer I was a lot more confident. Punching irons worked really well (going 2 or 3 irons up and 9-3 swing). One of those days where the mishits worked, expect for once on 9. Next round might be Friday ion the Black Marker depending on if I can get the van fixed without missing work. Otherwise Masters down the Tweed on Sunday. Should be a good one.
  3. timah!'s Avatar
    Pete! Get your Tin Foil hat out! The VCU in Quantico knows about you!
  4. PeteyD's Avatar
    Damn Wanker.
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